1. Click on EXPENSES
  2. then on ADD EXPENSE REPORT or on the "+" button. 

Chose de project then SUBMIT.

You can update all data underlined.

  1. the expense code 
  2. the personnel 
  3. the project 
  4. if this is an agency cost 
  5. description 
  6. adding an expense item 

Fill the details of your expense : Category, Date, Currency, Amount, Description and file to upload. Click on SUBMIT to continue. 

You can update your expense report as :

  1. adding a file if necessary 
  2. add the VAT
  3. check whether the expense is billable and/or refundable. 

Then, click on SUBMIT DRAFT so the expense report can be validated by your admin/director. 

You have created an expense report ! 

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