Here is the general workflow from the opening to the closing of a project :

  • calculate fees 
  • send proposals
  • manage your planning 
  • track your progress 
  • invoice your progress 

We designed this OOTI workflow with you, architects, in order to optimize your time management and enhance your productivity :

  1. INFORMATION of the project : name, location, production agency
  2. CLIENT details 
  3. PROJECT phases. RIBA and MOP are registered by default by you can customize your own project phases. Click on "How do I create my own phase libraries?" for more details. 
  4. set your FEES 
  5. VALIDATE and have a global review on your project. 
  6. TIMELINE of your project. To create your own, click on "How do I customize my timeline ?"
  7. Set your members. Allow access and permissions of your members to the project. Click on "How do I add user to projects?" for more details. 

Thanks to OOTI, manage your team : 

  • add worklog
  • time-off requests
  • expenses. All expenses and invoices can be exported to an external accounting service or software
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