Click on "What is the OOTI workflow ?" for more details. 

Click on :

  1. the PROJECT section
  2. then "+" button

Set the Project details then NEXT

Select an existing client or create add a new one then NEXT 

Define your project phases. The RIBA and MOP plan of work are available by default.
You can also personalize your own project phases. Click on "How do I create my own library ?" for more details.
Then APPLY PHASES TO PROJECT and NEXT to continue. 

Set all your project's figures. Data underlined can be changed. You can also set your project's fees by Cost, Fees, Zone, Hours ; click on the drop-down menu (1.) to do so.
NEXT when you have finished. 

Go back to previous steps if you notice something wrong by clicking on the tabs above (Info/Client/Phases/Fees/Planning). Otherwise, VALIDATE.

Define the project's timeline by entering the start & end date. SAVE ; a graph and a table will be generated. Click on "How can I customize my timeline ?" if needed.
Click NEXT. 

Chose the members working in the project by scrolling the drop-down menu. To add an user, click on "How do I add user to projects ?" for more details. 

Then NEXT . 

You have created a new project ! 

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