Version 2.3 (ENG)

Version 2.3 (ENG) Improvement and new features


  • Commercial pipeline

You can now organize your business opportunities. Create, customize and move your opportunities depending on their progress.

  • Contact Management (CRM)

Manage your contacts in order to improve your business relationship.


  • Calculate fees using Cost Brackets

You can now add fees on specific cost bracket.

  • Role financials (billable, avg cost)

Check the role financials per role.


  • Global hours reporting

View the global hours of your projects thanks to this report.

  • Ressource planning by user

Keep an eye on your resource planning by user.

  • Ressource Availability

Check the availability of your resources (by user or by role) according to their budgeted and used time thanks to this heat map.

  • Overtime

You can now add overtime to your personnel's contract.


  • View margins on finance dashboard

Have a look on your margins from your dashboard, Finance tab. 

  • Better margin analysis

  • Global margins reporting

View the summary of your global margins with this report.

  • Average payment tab

You can now check the average delays of payment.


  • New imports

You can now import your employees' contract and worklogs. 

Thank you for your continued feedback about OOTI, it has helped us tremendously in improving the platform and service we provide and we are always happy to hear how things are going and how we might improve.

If you have questions about the product, feedback, or change requests, please feel free to contact us at or directly from the chat at the bottom right of your web browser.