Create an account on OOTI

Your first connection and the creation of your account in a few clicks.

1/ Go to the site 

(note: yes, the domain is .co because we are not .com the others)

2/ Click on registration.

3/ Change the language of the account if necessary, fill in the fields then check "I have read and accepted the general conditions and the privacy policy" Register.

4/ An invitation has been sent to your inbox 📥 .
(Check that we are not in your spam 😶)

5/ Click confirm your account to create your account.

6/ Once redirected to OOTI, click continue.

7/ Fill in your account information then click on next.

Welcome !!! 🥳🎉 Click go to dashboard.


Please note that you need to create an account per agency. To join your agency's account, you must be invited from that same account. Upon receiving the invitation, you can then create your password.