How can I consult the workload schedule and availability of my teams?

Consult the schedule of your teams and manage their schedule. Check their availability for optimal management of your agency.

✅ Invite your collaborators, assign them to projects, assign them roles and create resource schedules in your projects

🔓 Permissions required

Team: View Resource Schedule, Manage Resource Schedule, View Team Members, Manage Team Members

Project: View Project Members, View Resource Schedule, Manage Resource Schedule, Manage Project Members, Update Projects

Reading time 5 min
Setup length 10 min
Steps 3


I/ Consult the team schedule

II/ Manage the schedule

III/ Check the availability of collaborators


I/ Consult the team schedule

Go to the team > planning section. You will see the schedule of your teams, with the assignments of your active collaborators on the project phases as well as their availability.

🤨 In the resource schedule, periods not assigned to teams, in grey.

⚠️ In the availability schedule, your employees' overloads or carts, in red.

Navigate through tabs and use filters for more details and use zoom and full screen to make the schedule your own

It's done ! 🎉


II/ Manage the schedule

You know how to manage the schedule from the projects (see the article) but you can manage it at the team level in team > schedule
💡 To add new periods, click on + period.

And fill out the form.

Choose :
- The project
- The phase/annex (optional)
- The start and end dates (unless you check the "synchronize the task with the schedule" module, then the period will resume the dates of the production schedule of the phase)
- Assign the task to a collaborator and a role (optional but this allows you to generate a schedule on the collaborator side too)
- Time per day, in hours or in percentage depending on your settings (if you checked "synchronize the task with the budget" then the time per day will be calculated according to the budget and the duration of the period)
- The days of the week on which the employee must work.

Save, done! 🎉


III/ Check the availability of collaborators

You have assigned your collaborators to projects but it is likely that you will see:

- orange blocks in the load schedule
- red and green blocks in the availability schedule

Here, Patti is overloaded on the red periods because we see thanks to the orange block that she is on leave during this period. The overload is due to work periods scheduled over a period where she was not available since she is absent.

The idea is therefore to free up time for employees and to check team availability.

Use filters for more visibility.

The employee occupancy % is based on the number of hours per week in the employment contracts added on OOTI in Costs > wages.

It's done ! 🎉

You have consulted the availabilities and you know how to manage the carts!