How to analyse the margin of my project?

Find the detailed finances of your projects: turnover, costs, margin on the chronology of the project and on the phases.

🔓 Required Permissions

Team: Manage salaries, manage providers, manage fixed costs, view invoices

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Key Information:

The project costs are the sum of:

  • Work: Hours valued at the hourly cost of each collaborator (based on their employment contract)
  • Provider invoices (subcontractors, providers, freelancers)
  • Expense reports
  • Overhead costs*

*Overhead costs are allocated based on the time spent: the more hours on a project, the more overhead costs will be allocated to that project. They can be toggled on or off to see the net/gross margin of the project.

In the project, go to the Finance tab.

screen finance tab

You'll be able to analyse the margin of your project cumulatively graphically (see above).

Follow your project's finances in detail, margin by margin, in the table.

screen finance

Use filters like "realised", "projected", or "all year" to more precisely track finances, and choose to activate or deactivate fixed costs.

screen margin

Hover over certain data points to know the calculation method, and click on those that appear in green by hovering over them to get the details.

screen fees

Finally, you'll find the last table of margin by deliverable.

screen fees

Done! 🎉

You have reviewed your project's finances!