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How to create invoice reminders?

Set up your invoice reminders based on specific conditions: sending before/after the due date or after the sending.

🔓 Required Permissions

Team : View invoices and Manage invoices

Project : View invoices and Manage invoices 

Reading time 5 min
Setup length 5 min
Steps 4


I/ Activate the module

II/ Create a reminder email

III/ Configure reminder rules

IV/ Send the reminder by email from OOTI


I/ Activate the module


💡 Available only for PRO accounts.

Click on your First Name in the top right corner > Settings > Modules tab on the bottom left > Invoicing in the middle > check Invoice followups.

invoices followups


II/ Create a reminder email


Once the module is activated, create your customer reminder email. To do this, stay in the Settings > Invoicing tab on the left > Emails > + Email Template.

email template

Create your email by providing the following information:

  • Template name
  • Type: reminder
  • Reply name (displayed in the email)
  • Reply email
  • Email subject
Compose your text and then click on Save.

💡 OOTI Tip: Use invoice variables for a personalized look! Click on the orange Variables button on the right.

These are data specific to each invoice, such as the code, amount, dates, etc. Each email will be unique with the relevant information based on the invoice, project, and client.

email template

Remember to do a test sending to preview the email before confirming it definitively. By clicking on Test, the email will be sent to your OOTI login email.

You have created a reminder email! 🎉


III/ Configure reminder rules


Stay in the Email Settings, go to the Follow-up Rules tab, and click on the green + Follow-up Rule button to add a reminder rule.

followup rules

 Provide the following information:

  • Number of days
  • Whether the reminder should be sent After the due date, Before the due date, or After sending.
  • Select the reminder email template created earlier (See part 2 of the article)
  • Choose the team

Click on Save.

add followup rule

You have created a reminder rule! 🎉


IV/ Send the reminder by email from OOTI


Go to your invoice > Mails tab. Make sure that the client's email address has been added to the invoice (if you sent the invoice from OOTI, it's already done) otherwise add it, then click on Save. 


You will find reminders in the left menu under Invoices > Followups tab.


Your invoices to be reminded will be organized under 3 sub-tabs:

  • Upcoming: they are planned but do not have any sending rules yet,
  • To sent: they are ready and should be sent,
  • Sent: they have already been sent and reminded.

send reminder

You can send a reminder for an invoice by clicking on Send Reminder, then click on Send now. You can indicate that several invoices have been reminded or delete the reminders by clicking on the checkboxes on the left of the invoices, then select Actions:

  • Mark as sent: it will indicate that the reminders have been sent,
  • Delete: it will delete the reminder.

mark as sent