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How to approve/manage recorded times?

Validate your team's time entries with just a few clicks. This will give you better visibility into the time spent on your projects. If applicable to your agency, bill the logged hours to clients.

✅ Preconfigure time entry settings for your team.

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Super Admin

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I/ Approve Times

II/ Reject Times

III/ Modify Approved or Rejected Times

IV/ Tracking Time Progress

V/ Sending Reminders

VI/ Delegate Approval to Validators


I/  Approve Times

Navigate to Approval > Times > Not Reviewed.

You will see all hours recorded by your team members. Unapproved hours will have an orange badge.

screen recorded times approve times

Use filters for organization if necessary and select the appropriate week.

screen recorded times approved times

Choose one or all hours using the cells.

Click on the Approval tab that appears > Mark as Approved.

screen recorded times approved times

Done, you've approved the times 🎉

You'll find them all in the Approved tab. Approved hours are marked with a green check.

screen recorded times approved times

You can also approve hours day by day.

In Not Reviewed, click on the hours.

screen recorded times not reviewed times

Click on Approve and then Save.

screen recorded times approved times

By clicking on weeks, you can select the week you want to display. If hours need approval in certain weeks, they'll be indicated by orange badges.
screen recorded times need approval


II/ Reject Times

💡 Until hours are approved by an admin (still present in the "Not Reviewed" section and marked with an orange badge), team members can modify their hours.

Here, the team member can still modify them in their session.

screen recorded times reject times

If you disagree with recorded times, select one or more timesheets. Choose one or all hours using the cells. Then, click on the Approval button > Mark as Rejected.

These hours won't be considered (in project tracking and invoicing, for example).

screen recorded times reject times

Done, you've rejected the times 🎉
You'll find them all in the Approved tab. Rejected hours are marked with a red cross.

screen recorded times reject times

⚠️ The team member will have to redo their timesheet.

The team member needs to either create a new timesheet or modify the rejected one.

screen recorded times reject times


III/ Modify Approved or Rejected Times

Approved or rejected times too quickly? No worries!

Go to Approval > Times > Approved

screen recorded times modify times approved or rejected

Select the times and then click on Approval > Mark as To Approve.

screen recorded times validation times

Done! 🎉 The team member can now modify the times from their session.


IV/ Tracking Time Progress

To view the agency's past times by collaborator and month, you'll find the details under Time > Summary.

screen recorded times tracking time progress

For reports, navigate to Reports > Team Reports.

screen recorded times team reports

Select one of the available reports.

screen recorded times available reports

For instance, here's the report on Time Spent - Collaborators by Projects.

screen recorded times collaborators by project

You can also export times.

Go to Time > Work Logs.

You'll see all the agency's hours with details like collaborator, date, type, project (if applicable), phase (if applicable), time, status, and billable (if collaborators have a billable rate role).

screen recorded times work logs

💡 By default, the table shows limited rows. Scroll to the bottom to display more data if needed. This step is crucial for export as the file only captures displayed data. Don't be surprised if everything isn't in the file – it's because the display isn't complete on your screen.

screen recorded times work logs

At the top of the page, use filters to organize your search if needed. If the table suits you, click on Actions > Export (.pdf or .xls).

screen recorded times export

This is the file you'll obtain.

screen recorded times export file


V/ Sending Reminders

Adrien is inconsistent and never logs his hours? Create a reminder to be sent via email. No excuses.

Go to Settings > Time > Time Entry Reminders, then click on + Reminder.

screen recorded times sending reminders

Select the recipient(s) and the dates (end date is optional), sending time, and frequency.

Click Save.

screen recorded times add reminders

Done! 🎉 You've created a time entry reminder. Here's what your collaborators will receive.

screen recorded times time entry reminder

You can create as many reminders as you like.

screen recorded times add reminders

Click on the '...' options to immediately send, modify, or delete the reminder.

screen recorded times manage reminders



VI/ Delegate Approval to Validators

You can delegate the approval of timesheets, leave requests, and/or expense reports to your collaborators.

To set this up, start by allowing the relevant collaborators to approve on behalf of others. In the Collaborators menu on the left > Collaborators tab > click on the profile of one of them. In the Admin tab, activate the Validation module.

screen recorded times delegate approval to validators

Go to the Validation tab > select the collaborator(s) to be validated.

Activate the Timesheets columns to be validated.

Capture d’écran 2023-08-09 à 16.45.09

In this example, we can see that Anaïs can validate timesheets for Jonas.

Done! 🎉 You have delegated the validation of timesheets to a collaborator.

💡 Assigning validators doesn't remove the super admin's ability to approve timesheets for their team members.