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Setting up SMTP for OVH

Send your invoices from OOTI using your email address and domain by configuring SMTP for OVH.

✅ Activating SMTP allows you to send emails from OOTI using your own email address instead of a generic OOTI address like noreply@ooti.co .

🔓 Required permissions

Super Admin

Reading time 5 min
Setup length 5 min
Steps 3


Click on your First name at the top right corner. 

Go to "Settings" > "Invoicing" on the left-hand side.

Click on "Emails" > "SMTP Settings" tab.

Enable SMTP by clicking on the toggle button.

screen setting up SMTP for ovh toggle button OOTI settings

Click on "+ Add SMTP Settings."

screen setting up SMTP for ovh add smtp settings

Fill out the form (information valid for Outlook):

Name: Title of the parameter for internal reference (not visible in the email).

Sent by (name): Title/name of the sender (visible in the email).

Sent by (email): Sender's email address (visible in the email).

User name: Your email address.

Password: Your password.

Protocol: TLS.

Host: smtp-mail.outlook.com.

Port: 587.

Click on Save.

screen setting up SMTP for ovh add smtp settings

Next, click on the options "..." and select "Verify settings."

After a few minutes, the status should change to "Verified."

Don't forget to assign the SMTP mail in the "Email Templates" tab. Click on a template, and in the "SMTP" field, select the one you just created.

screen setting up SMTP for ovh email template settings

Now you can send your emails (invoices, subcontractors' certificates, and reminders) from OOTI using your email! 🎉
Configure multiple SMTPs if you want the sending mailbox to be different for different templates. For example, you can have one address for sending invoices and another for reminders.