Version 4.0.0 🤩

Our new version is online! Explore All the Features and Enhancements.

The new version is finally here 🎉! Discover all the new features and changes in detail below. Just like you, we've been eagerly anticipating this moment, and we're thrilled to unveil it to you 😊

screen new OOTI version



📌 Customisable Fields: You now have the ability to add customisable fields to your projects, collaborators, invoices, and contacts for enhanced flexibility.

Go to your name > settings > Custom Fields. Create your customised fields that can be filled out by category.

screen new OOTI version new features customizable fields


📌 Hourly Budget Management: Enter your budget in hours per phase, per role, and per collaborator. This streamlines the planning process.

From your projects, go to Schedule > Budget > Budgeted. You can then modify the hours instead of fees, accurately determining the time for each role/user while respecting the fee envelope per phase.

screen new OOTI version hourly budget management


📌 Calendar View for Time Entry: Collaborators will now have access to a new calendar view during time entry. This allows them to organise their week in advance while entering their time. As the week concludes, they can confirm or edit the exact time spent.

Navigate to Time > Calendar > + Event. You can now enter your time, leaves, and compensations using a calendar view.

screen new OOTI version calendar view for time entry


📌 Custom Expense Categories: You can now create your own expense types that collaborators will find in their expense reports.

Go to your name > settings > Team > Expense Reports > + Expense Type. Add your expense types, rename existing expenses, or delete them. They will then appear in the dropdown list of expense reports for each collaborator.

screen new OOTI version custom expense categories


📌 Improved Invoicing Module: The invoicing module has been significantly enhanced. Here are the modifications that have been implemented:

  • New option for 45-day end-of-month payment terms (choose this payment deadline from your project or directly on the invoice, Summary tab)
  • Multi-selection of invoices to change payment status: on your lists of pending invoices, you can now select multiple invoices and then click "Actions" > mark as paid. This allows you to mark multiple invoices as paid with the same payment date and method.
  • Define a default brand template


📌 Notifications: A brand-new notification system has been introduced. You can view activity history, see your read and unread notifications, be alerted when mentioned in a comment, and view your action items!

At the top right, you'll see a bell that alerts you of all notifications related to you. Clicking on the notification takes you directly to the notification page.

screen new OOTI version notifications


📌 Skills: Add your collaborators' skills and assign a rating. This enables you to assign collaborators to various tasks based on their skills!

Go to Team > Skills > Add Skill Type > choose the relevant collaborators on the right and assign them a star rating based on their expertise.

screen new OOTI version skills


📌 Improved Subscription Management Interface



📌 Enhanced Design and User Experience: The platform has been completely redesigned for improved navigation and understanding of information. We've added color codes, descriptions, shortcuts, and simplified the main menu.


📌 Improved Project Summary: Ability to mark projects as favorites, view recent alerts, and see recently accessed projects

On your projects, click the heart to mark projects as favorites. Find them later in the summary on your project page.

screen new OOTI version optimizations improved project summary


📌 Enhanced Exports: To fully leverage the data managed in the software, we've added one-click exports such as the full OOTI account, expense reports, employee hours, FEC exports for accounting


📌 Enhanced Reports: Subcontractors, leaves and compensations, time spent - collaborator per project, and project per collaborator


Thank you for your ongoing feedback on OOTI; it has greatly contributed to enhancing the platform and the service we provide.

We're always delighted to receive user input to understand your needs and further improve OOTI's performance.

If you have any questions about the product, comments, or modification requests, feel free to contact us at or directly through the chat at the bottom right of your web browser.