How to change the forecast type for multiple phases of a project?

You are managing your billing schedule and you want to apply the same forecast type to all the phases? Here's how to do it for all phases.

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🔓 Required permissions

Team : View invoices and Manage invoices

Project : View invoices and Manage invoices

Reading time 2 minute
Setup length 2 minute
Steps 1


In the project, go to the Invoicing tab > Schedule tab, then click on Actions > Reset Forecast types.

reset forecast types

Select the phase(s) (Deliverables) and then choose the Forecast Type for the phases.

Click on Save.


Great! 🎉 The forecast types for the phases of the project have been changed simultaneously.

⚠️ Custom and dynamic custom forecasts will be applied, but you will need to enter the invoiced amounts for the desired months afterward.