Version 2.4 (ENG)

Version 2.4 (ENG) New features and improvements


  • Invoices approval

To avoid mistakes, multiple personnels have to approve an invoice before being confirmed.

  • Display Time in days

You can now chose to display time (budget, worklogs, availabilities) in days. Click here for more details. 


  • Pictures' upload is faster : agency, projects, expenses.

  • Invoices import

When you create a project, you will be able to import your invoices more easily so your project is already up to date.
Click here for more details. 

  • Invoicing notification

When you create an invoice, you will see yellow notification when a difference occurs :

  1. in the phase's progress (between what is set by the project manager and what appears in the invoice)

   2. in the invoicing (between what is planned and what appears in the invoice) 


Thank you for your continued feedback about OOTI, it has helped us tremendously in improving the platform and service we provide and we are always happy to hear how things are going and how we might improve.

If you have questions about the product, feedback, or change requests, please feel free to contact us at or directly from the chat at the bottom right of your web browser.