How to create, manage and assign the roles of your collaborators?

Manage the business roles of each of your collaborators (architect, graphic designer, etc.)

✅ Don't forget to invite your employees to OOTI.

🔓 Permissions required

Team: View team members, manage team members, view billable rates, manage skills, (+ manage salaries)

Project: View project members, manage project members

Reading time 5 min
Setup length 20 min
Steps 3


I/ Create contracts (costs for your agency)

II/ Create the roles (sale price to the customer)

III/ Assign roles to collaborators

1) Overall for the agency

2) Project by project


I/ Create contracts (costs for your agency)

To create employment contracts for your employees, go to Costs > payroll > + contract.

Here is the article on how to create collaborator contracts.


II/ Create the roles (sale price to the customer)

The second step is to create the roles on OOTI. It is a question of creating "job sheets" with a billable hourly rate. Click on your first name on the right > Settings > Team > Roles.You can also go to the general menu under Collaborators > Roles.

Click on + role and assign it a title and a billable rate per hour or per day. The billable rate is the selling price for one hour of the role's work.

In other words, it is the price of one hour of work by an employee that you will sell to your client.

This is about creating default billable roles and rates on OOTI. Each billable rate is modifiable on a project-by-project basis.


III/ Assign roles to collaborators


1) At the agency level

To assign the roles thus created to collaborators by default, go to collaborators > roles.

You will find all the roles you have created on the left, and the list of your collaborators on the right. roles

Drag your collaborators' blue icons to their roles to assign or swap them. Or click under their names to select the desired role.

Members (collaborators) already assigned appear grayed out, but nothing prevents you from modifying them.

Click on the small "eye" icon to display the billable rates and charged hourly wages corresponding to the employment contracts of your employees.


Here we see that Maureen has a charged hourly wage of €52.91 (one hour of work costs the agency €52.91) and a billable hourly rate of €100 per hour (one hour of work is sold 100€ to the customer).


2) Project by project

You can also determine roles, billable rates and assign collaborators from a project, and create a budget on it.

Here is the article that details the whole process.

Puis voici how to create a resource schedule based on the budget?



There you go 🎉 you know how to manage roles on OOTI.